Capretti Design Organic

logo (1)Imagine creating a pristine, chemical‐free micro environment for your baby. Capretti Design ORGANIC allows you to do just that.

  • All of our standard products are created with child‐safe varnishes and meet ASTM and CPSC standards. Taking it to the next level with Capretti Design ORGANIC, you can provide your child with products that exceed these regulations.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are doing your utmost with eco‐friendly,Stains and wood finishes are derived from natural and organic materials from plants,minerals, and other natural raw ingredients.
  • Every piece of is finished by hand‐rubbing it with two (2) coats of organic wood finish in your choice of natural or medium tone.
  • Capretti Design ORGANIC wood finishes are recommended by Green Seals. You can view technical specifications at
  • Some of the attributes of our finish materials are:

    >> Chemicals or chemical preservative free

    >> 100% VOC free

    >> Carbon neutral

Organic Fixed Gate Cribs, Convertible Cribs, Modern, Traditional, Contemporary. No matter your taste, we have something for you.

Designs ranging from Mid-Century to Modern, and from Cottage to Contemporary, exceptional designs that can only be appreciated by the discerning buyer looking for the best in design, construction, materials and craftsmanship.

From Twin to Full, Queen or King. Capretti Design offers youth and adult beds in all sizes and styles.